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    Getting Started

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    2. Create a QR Code
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    3. Upgrade your account
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  2. Fill out the registration form and click the Register button.
  3. You should receive an email that reads:

    "Welcome to Atomibit! There is one last step to start creating QR Codes. Please verify your account by clicking this link:"

  4. Click on the link to validate your email address.

Create a QR Code

  1. Click the Manage QR Codes link
  2. Click the Add New Button
  3. Enter a Title and click Save. Note: the title must be unique for your organization.
  4. Add a background image by clicking on the Background Image button.
  5. Click the Select… button and choose an image.

Add Links

  1. Add a link. A link will be a link to any web location, e.g. your corporate website, or a link to a particular product.

    Enter the URL or paste the URL in the text box, then click OK.

  2. Adding an email address link by clicking on the Email button will launch the current email progam when the end user is viewing your QR Landing Page.
  3. Add a phone number link with the Phone button.
  4. A video can be added with the Video button. Use the Video ID or full URL from YouTube
  5. All links can be moved by dragging within the rectangle, and resized by dragging the 8 resizer handles.